Things to know about before dating Asian women

At first glance, dating Asian women doesn’t differ much from the dating a woman from any other country. Flirt techniques, compliments, romantic dates – anything that would make her feel special will help you to win her heart. However, if you are serious about getting into a relationship with an Asian woman, better to be aware of some little cultural differences.

No “split the bill” on the date with Asian woman

If you date an Asian woman be ready that you would be expected to pay for everything. For example, you don’t “split the bill” if you go out in a restaurant in Asia. To prove that you have serious intentions towards your date, and to show that you will be able to provide a decent support for the family in future, you are supposed to pay a bill.

Perhaps some women would offer to pay for some date if they have a good job and share feminist views, but in 90% of cases you will pay the bill. Keep also in mind that the average salary in the Philippines for example is around $200-300. So it would be pointless to expect her paying $100 bill for a table as it used to be in any Western bar or restaurant.

Asian women are ready to commit sooner

If you start dating an Asian woman, keep in mind that she might be already thinking about marriage! Perhaps it may sound a bit exaggerated, but while you decide that you like that girl, most likely she already knows what to answer if you would suddenly propose to her. While in the West dating multiple people may be considered as a normal practice especially in big cities, Asian society tend to keep old fashion views on relationships. Certainly the things are changing somewhere in Bangkok or Jakarta, for example, and the casual hookup isn’t a taboo there. However, best way to avoid misunderstanding is to be open and honest about your intentions.

Meeting Asian woman’s parents is a big step

If your Asian girlfriend invites you to meet with her family you need to be aware of that it’s a big deal. While in Western countries it’s quite ordinary to meet with parents after few dates, in Asia it means that you’re considered to marry in future. Asian culture condemn women who have dated many men and had a lot of lovers, so to keep a good reputation with parents she will introduce them only someone special.

That’s why if your Asian girlfriend wants to introduce you to her family, it’s a sign that she has future plans for both of you. In order to avoid confusion, don’t go if you’re not ready or not feeling comfortable.

Saving face by all means

And the last but not the least point to pay attention – Asian people (not only women) will do anything for saving face in any embarrassing or awkward situation. That means they do anything including lie to regain their favorable standing after something shameful has happened or to avoid situations causing shame or embarrassment to you or other people. This might lead to some misunderstandings especially if you’re used to say openly and directly what you are thinking. That’s why be careful with what you say to your Asian girlfriend, and keep in mind she won’t tell you straight about anything shameful, embarrassing, naughty or awkward.

Perhaps you will face some little challenges to overcome while dating an Asian woman, however with a mutual understanding and willingness to compromise you can build a strong relationship regardless any cultural differences. And if you are serious about Asian dating and want to know why Asian girls are the best? The create a 100% free profile on Perfect Asian Match