Some more secrets about dating Asian women (part 2)

dating asian women part2

In part 1 we determined that Asian women are really something else Beautiful, feminine and, sometimes, challenging to date. So, let’s now share some more really important things you have to know about dating and marrying Asian women.

Looking for your Perfect Asian Match can be an adventure like no other. Dating Asian singles can lead you to places you’ll never go with western women. Get ready for the ride. But first take some advice and listen to tips from people who know what Asian dating is all about.

I say this as some foreign men have, unintentionally, brought a smile to my face as they’ve implied that dating or being married to Asian women is easy. Comments such as “…it’s just like dating western women” or “…once you know how to handle one woman, you know them all—no matter where they come from”. In reality this only serves to underline the naivety of certain foreign men when it comes to ladies of the East. If only they had done their homework, or taken some advice from someone who intimately knows about dating Asian women…..

Difference of Asian women compared to western women

Let’s be honest. Most Asian women are quite simply different: their cultures, their femininity, their outlook on life and dating, their physiques and so on. In fact, if women in general are really from Venus, then maybe Asian women could be from the Moon!

Bear in mind the tips and advice in part 1 but also be aware of:

The parents: If you haven’t got to the “meeting the parents stage” yet, either by your design or hers, at least ask about their wellbeing and any newsworthy events in their lives. This will help convince the Asian woman who you are dating that you do have some feelings and/or care for them. After all they will always be more important in her life than you are. This is an absolute fact—and don’t be upset by this dose of reality, or ever forget it!

Respect: Always be honest when dating Asian woman. Give the lady you are with respect as an equal and avoid any issue which may cause her to lose “face” to her friends, her immediate or extended family. This maintenance of pride and respect is an integral part of Asian society and you really don’t want to be guilty of upsetting family or possible potential future in-laws.

Spot the tests: As an example, sometimes, when out with your Asian date in the company of others you may be expected to foot the (perhaps excessive) bill for dinner or a round of cocktails, maybe even a karaoke session. This is more likely if you are the lone foreigner or senior member of the group. Do it without complaint as this might well a subtle test of your commitment to your Perfect Asian Match. Showing her you can take care of her… and her friends and colleagues; don’t forget, “status rules” in Asia!

One former work colleague of mine in The Philippines made the cardinal mistake of, after he’d paid for a late evening snacks and glasses of wine in a very pricey watering hole, trying to collect a share of payment from other members of the group. A major faux pau… his Asian woman never talked to him again.

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Asian women love to be loved and are affectionate

Ahhh… now this is a big one; fun and games, sex and all that: Conservative, yes. Shy or coy, probably. Affectionate, love to make-love and be loved, most certainly. At the risk of over generalising, when it comes to sex perhaps Asian women can best be described as “slow burners”. But, my goodness, you’d better watch out when they ignite!

In the early days it’s not that uncommon for many Asian women to want a female companion on the first few dates and you may have one of her friends or workmates tagging along; don’t worry unduly, it’s not that unusual.

Hand holding, kissing and all the usual asexual foreplay usually take time to get moving whilst your lady ascertains your true intentions about your relationship. By and large, “full’’ sexual relations before marriage, or at least what looks like serious commitment is possibly a very definite “no-no”. This is certainly true for the generation of Asian females before the current generation, albeit overall attitudes have softened slightly,

Therefore, it’s important to be patient before she’ll consider jumping into bed with you. If you do get to this point, be sympathetic to her, probable, initial shyness between the sheets. The Asian lady may possibly not want to be seen naked for the first few times being par for the course. Yet, hold on for the ride as, once she’s comfortable with you and your demands……., wowwwwwwwww, there’ll be no going back!

Dating Asian women and a happy relationship

Go forward with your eyes open (in other words, take off your-rose coloured spectacles!): Hopefully, you are mature enough to realise and accept that any relationship between a man and a woman will have its ups and downs. And probably more so in mixed-race relationships. Where the female party is an Asian woman her interpretation and expressions of “love” may be quite different than yours. This may be owing to her cultural upbringing and societal pressures. She may never really open up and overtly show her true feelings, and there may be times when you might doubt her commitment to you.

Clearly, some misunderstandings and miscommunications are going to arise but, as with women the world over, an application of a good dose of common sense and pragmatism usually can help prevent or solve any major issue which may arise with your Asian lady.

Obviously, no two people are alike, nor are any two dating relationships the same. For those with limited experience of Asia and dating Asian women, following the above tips and suggestions will undeniably help you on your way to your objectives. That is, capturing the heart and hand of a beautiful Asian woman to be proudly at your side for the long term! Happy relationship!