Many men have already met their Perfect Asian Match

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You can’t help but notice when you travel around any Asian city just how many foreign men have already met their perfect Asian match. Indeed, the number of Asian women dating “western” or Caucasian men has grown exponentially over the last 10-15 years. It’s a fair bet to say that many such men have found the love of their lives on one of the specialised dating sites such as Perfect Asian Match.

These types of sites cater solely for foreign men and Asian women.

Clearly, there is no single reason as to why so many foreign men are looking for their Perfect Asian Match. Nor is there just one reason why many Asian women are more frequently than ever looking for a foreign partner on popular, specialised dating sites.

It may be partly due to the fact that more women in Asia are looking to assert themselves socially and professionally. Many have high quality overseas educations and the experience of travelling internationally. They may also be familiar with western cultures. So, it’s no real surprise that this phenomenon of mixed race, East-West relationships is forecast to continue to grow in the foreseeable future.

Yet, it was not always this way. In the past, there were stories that certain Asian families actually forbade their daughters to talk to, never mind get involved with, a man not of their own race. But these days are long gone, as are the days when people looked twice at Asian women in a relationship with a foreign man.

So, what has caused these changes, and what do Asian women find appealing about men “from the west”? 

Well, the list can, actually, be quite lengthy but here are a few, key pointers:

Asian women looking to date value stability and trust

A number of Asian women feel that a foreign man offers more stability, and is less likely to have a string of girlfriends or minor wives or affairs. This, admittedly, is the stereotypical view taken of many Asian men but, in some cultures, has more than a grain of truth attached.

Some Asian women feel that, on the whole, a foreign man may treat her better than his Asian counterparts. This in some ways relates to the point below, where male dominated societies in Asia allow men to “get away with” many things considered unacceptable in western culture.

In addition, foreign men are often considered to be emotionally more stable and demonstrate affection to their woman more readily.

Asian societies tend to favour men over women

Asian societies are essentially patriarchal in many key social aspects; that is, the male is in the dominance both in general social matters and society at large. This carries through to matters relating to inheritance or lineage matters. By contrast, many western societies, and, accordingly, foreign men, are far more comfortable with gender equality. They also support more educational and professional opportunities being available for women.

The career oriented, ‘’go-getter’’ type lady who might feel somewhat repressed in her Asian home society can flourish with a foreign man. He will treat her more like an equal and, probably, actually encourages her career and her relatively liberal lifestyle.

Foreign men can offer some Asian women better lives

This point is, perhaps, less acknowledged than some of the other points. Yet it is particularly true as it relates to some of the poorer Asian women from the provinces in The Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand. Many such Asian women are looking for a way out of their economic and other hardships. And a foreign man can offer this: a new life in another country, new found status and, hopefully for them, financial security.

Asian women are in high demand from men looking for their Perfect Asian Match

In certain, less developed Asian countries the typical indigenous male often feels intimidated by a well -educated Asian woman. She may have a better career or career prospects than him. In addition, in some countries, there are a number of new-generation Asian woman who has focussed on her career for first 7-8 years post- graduation, possibly to the detriment of her social and love life. Now she is 30 or older she carries the stigma of being “too old” to marry for local men. Local customs mean that she is past the ideal marrying age. On the other hand, a foreign man has no such qualms about a lady aged around 30 and often cherishes a well-educated, well- travelled, feminine Asian lady.

The list can be added to with ease but we’re sure you get the general idea.

So, if you are a foreign wanting to establish a relationship with a beautiful Asian woman in a different country, you only really have two options. You can uproot and go and live and work in an Asian country, hoping to get meet the lady right for you. Or you can join a popular dating site such as Perfect Asian Match and find the Asian lady of your dreams from behind your computer screen and from the comfort of your home! No contest, right?