Dating Asian women – separating fact from fiction

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How many times have you read an article about dating attractive Asian women on a popular dating site? How many times have you seen an advert in a book or magazine encouraging or cajoling you to look for an Asian beauty to be your life partner, whether she is from The Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, China or wherever?

“Asian woman looking for friendship”, “Asian woman looking for life partner”, or the blunter, “Sexy Asian women looking for marriage” scream some of the eye-catching, attention grabbing headlines. The various adverts promising “instant access” to a huge selection of beautiful Asian women—from almost anywhere in the world.

Dating Asian women is a social and cultural phenomenon

Dating Asian women. It’s possibly one of the biggest social and cultural phenomena of our times. This huge growth in foreign men, from the UK, Europe, Australia, the US and the like, dating and then marrying and having children with Asian women. Wherever you look in any Asian capital—from Tokyo to Seoul, from Beijing to Hong Kong, from Manila to Bangkok to Singapore—you’ll see foreign men with their Asian ladies. And more often than not a young child or two in tow.

Even outside of Asia, in the US or Germany, Sweden or England, there is a preponderance of mixed-race relationships with the female being Asia. These may between Asian women who have, possibly, grown up or studied in the “west”. Such women are totally assimilated in western culture and have chosen a non-Asian man as her partner. Then there are the more recent migrants who, after marrying a foreign man in, say, The Philippines has followed him to the US or UK.

You’re are not alone in dating Asian women

Think of some of the most famous examples of such foreign man, Asia woman relationships. Some of those which immediately spring to mind include the late John Lennon with Yoko; Rupert Murdoch with, now ex-wife, Wendy Deng from China; Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame with his Chinese wife; Woody Allen and his Korean bride Soon-yi and Nicholas Cage with Alice Kim, to whom he was married for 12 years. Dating Asian women is popular!

Of course, that’s not to say that there hasn’t been a great increase in Asian women marrying western men. With the ease by which people now travel far and wide, and interact socially internationally—either on the ‘Net or via Apps such as WhatsApp, Line or similar, mixed race marriages are interminably on the rise. Yet Asian women with foreign are not as widely documented or commented upon as with foreign men and Asian women.

What drives the attraction to Asian women?

There are uncountable books and articles which have been written attempting to analyse this phenomenon of Asian women and foreign men. Most seem to start with an attempt at defining exactly what is colloquially known as “yellow fever”. In other words, the attraction or addiction which many foreign men develop over time for being with Asian women to the exclusion of all other women. Some detractors call it a fetish, others call it a fantasy where the man in question has this image of the “perfectly attractive, subservient Asian wife”. It’s said a man will do anything, almost blindly, to secure someone who meets his physical requirements of beauty and attractiveness.

Again, most of these articles have a positive bias, playing up the good points and attributes of Asian women—of which there are many. However, in reality, these sites are essentially “selling a product”, namely the women themselves. They plan on the stereotypes—if such a stereotype exists, that is.

You can also find step by step guides about dating Asian women. What to do and what not to do; how to tackle this situation and that situation. And, importantly, how to behave when your meet your Asian lady’s family or even her for the first time.

Right, still with me?

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What happens when it gets serious?

So, we have this phenomenon, this rising trend towards more and more relationships between foreign man and Asian women—in fact, a trend which will probably continue on an upward trajectory for years to come. And we have all sorts of advice from many learned people about what to do when “on the hunt” for an Asian woman. They’ll tell you what to do before dating gets serious and before the marriage occurs.

Yet, no one has really come out and written about what it’s really like for the vast majority of foreign men after the event. After the vows have been taken and the honeymoon period is over, after the couple settle down into a routine relationship and the reality of the situation starts to hit home. Is she really going to be as soft and demure as she was before we were married? Is she really going to be as meek and mild as I recall she was when we first met?

Well, have a look through some of our other great articles, read on and find out all about the realities of marrying Asian women—we’re going to tell it like it is!