Dating Asian women online: getting started….

Perfect Asian Match makes it easy to date Asian women online. But can you remember, what is was like, say, 10-15 or so years ago, before almost everyone had access to the internet? If you wanted to date an Asian woman, your choices were very limited. Just where did you go to find an Asian woman to date? And, even though finding one might be possible, but having a range of choices of women was certainly not.

Maybe you could fly off to some exotic country such Thailand or The Philippines for a couple of weeks. There you might try and find an attractive Asian woman in or around the hotel you were staying in. Hope that she was single and looking to date. Pray that you and her might be compatible and be able to form the basis of a relationship before your holiday was over and it was time to head back to the UK or the US or wherever you were living at the time. Not much time really to date or get to know each other well enough to know that a longer-term relationship might be possible.

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Many western men are attracted to Asian Women

Yet, to be fair, many men attracted to Asian women started dating their future wives-to-be this way. But it was a long process. In some case you might not be able to see your beautiful Asian woman until the next year when you holidayed again. Or, if you were really lucky, maybe you could head back to Thailand or The Philippines after six months or so for another few weeks of dating and being together. Communication in the times you were apart might have been a bit hit-and-miss, via limited time calls via long distance telephone. Or with the advent of apps such as Skype or Viber maybe through your computer.

Of course, not every an could follow this route to dating and finding the love of their life. So, once the internet was almost universally available and dating sites such as Perfect Asian Match began to dominate the online dating market, the number of foreign men dating Asian woman mushroomed!

An amazing statistic is that, nowadays, some 20% of all modern relationships have begun online. Indeed, it’s easy to imagine that, in fact, this should be a much higher percentage when it comes to men dating Asian women. Why? Well, many of the men looking for an Asian woman are probably based overseas in one country and the woman in another.

And how else do you communicate and start a relationship other than via a well-known dating site if your potential love is thousands of miles away?

The options for dating Asian women have become so much easier

As we now know, getting started looking for the Asian woman of your dreams is easy, yet still needs a fair amount of research, and some caution. These days there are so many Asian dating sites available, offering women from China, The Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and so on.

But just how do you find a reputable site, one which offers genuine women and is not simply set up to take your subscription or membership money? Obviously, some judicious research is needed. Check out, as far as you can, how long the company has been in business; do their testimonials seem genuine? Do they have profiles of Asian women from one country or from across the whole region? If you are not too shy, try and find someone who has used the site before, and has been pleased with the services they have provided. 

The mechanics of actually signing up for any site will be similar and it’s not intended to repeat the steps here as, anyway, the key requirement for most members is to have a “killer’’ profile. Sure, everyone exaggerates their achievements or their characteristics in their dating profile and, of course, attaches a photograph or two which flatters themselves (or at the least, shows them in a favourable light!).

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Making a profile for attracting and Dating Asian women

However, be as honest as you can, be realistic and keep your “excesses” to a minimum. Asian women are no fools and it’s better to include in your profile key words and phrases which will help you attract the Asian woman of your dreams. Use words/phrases such as: “to take care of”, “family centric”, “long term commitment”, “stable”, “looking for equal partnership”, “respectful” and, if you have done so, “travelled in/good knowledge of Asia”. It’s worth writing and rewriting your profile a couple of times to get it “right”—after all this is the first thing your potential future girlfriend or bride will see about you!

A final key point is in the selection of those ladies you wish to make contact with. Naturally, most foreign men are going to pick those Asian women who are younger, those who, at first glance, they perceive as more attractive, with good figures and so on. Quite naturally, any man would. But don’t overlook the slightly older, more mature Asian lady. Often Asian women at or around 29-31 are far better educated, worldlier, possibly already have a good job and probably have seen some of the world.

Asian women make great companions and long-term partners

After all, the woman you are looking for is intended to be your long-term partner. Whilst every man will want an attractive Asian woman at his side, if the only attraction is between the bed sheets, don’t overlook the times when you need someone to talk to or confide in. At such times, your young 18-20 year-old partner maybe not be the one to help with the emotional side of your relationship!

Anyway, go on, sign up with Perfect Asian Match, and see what joys an Asian woman can bring!