Asian dating: how to make working interracial relationship

In most cases people dating someone of a different race, do not face extraordinary difficulties or obstacles. Still, in Asian dating a disapproving family may lead to misunderstanding in couple and subsequent breakup. However, following next few dating advices / how to be succesful with asian dating may help you to overcome any possible obstacle in your relationship and to find more accepting attitude of conservative parents.

Advices for Asian dating a non-Asian partner:

1. How to introduce a partner to your parents

One of the most important steps in your relationship is introducing your partner to parents and family, and if you’re Asian that means you both are serious about each other. The best way of introducing your partner who is outside your culture is only when you are completely sure they are ‘the one’. Otherwise, if to introduce each other too early it may backfire, especially if the relationship wouldn’t go anywhere serious. If you have a big family there’s no need to organize a big dinner gathering all the relatives together. Believe, it may be fairly overwhelming for your partner especially at first meeting. In fact, it’s better to introduce them in few steps and in small parts.

2. How to find acceptance by conservative parents

Again, if your parents have conservative views on relationship and marriage, the introducing of your partner is better to be handled with care and patience. First, preferably, to gather some support of more flexible and less conservative members of your family. So it’s better to start introducing your partner to them.
Make sure that your partner has at least some basic knowledges about your culture – this way they have more chances to make a good impression, however no need overly push on your partner.

3. How to deal with disapproving?

Finding a true and sincere love in today’s circumstances is quite difficult, that’s why while the family is important, your partner is above all. Don’t let the views and prejudices of your disapproving family to back off from your love. Think long term and focus on building a happy relationship with your partner. After all, your family loves you and hopefully soon they will change their minds.

Advices for non-Asian dating an Asian partner

1. How to make a good first impression

First of all, it’s not required anything extraordinary from you to make a good impression. Just act the same way as if you meet someone new. Be nice and polite, manners are always appreciated, and don’t forget to smile. Get some knowledges about Asian traditions and cultural behaviors – that may come in handy, and never make fun of these traditions in their presence.

2. Interracial relationship: which factors are worth paying attention to

There are few factors to take into account before getting married with someone from different culture. Are their religious views strict or more liberal? Are you expected to move to the country of your spouse’s origin? Are you expected to convert to other religion and to learn their language to overcome language barriers? Only taking into consideration all of these details it’s possible to build a relationship based on harmony and understanding.

3. How to deal with anxiety before first meeting with Asian parents

Remember, it isn’t so scary as it might seem. Treat them with respect to their culture and just act like you’ve met someone new for the first time. Keep your mind positive, smile, and as far as possible dress up traditionally. They should appreciate your effort!
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