5 myths about Western men dating Asian women

Perfect Asian Match

It’s not a new thing that many Western guys prefer to date Asian ladies, and obviously their number is only increasing. As a topic constantly gathering a lot of talking, Asian dating has always been surrounded by some misconceptions. In this article we are going to dispel a few common myths and stereotypes usually associated with Western men finding their Perfect Asian Match.

1. White oldie with a much younger Asian bride

When people think about this kind of interracial relationship such picture pretty often pops up on their minds. However, the image of white old man with an Asian girl which is young enough to be his granddaughter has nothing to do with reality. Sure, you will probably see some couples with a big age difference, but there’s no sense in this case to generalize. In fact, most of white guy-Asian girl couples are around their 30s.

2. Western men choose Asian ladies for their submissive characters

One more ridiculous belief according to which Asian ladies tend to be more “weak” and submissive, that’s why Western men choose them instead of more demanding and independent European or American women. You will probably find some obedient women somewhere in the hinterland of Asian countries, however the majority of Asian ladies prefer to date foreign men for their equal rights in the family and open-minded views.  Actually they are strong and independent, but unlike Western women, Asian girls are more gentle, drama-free and humble. They also love to take care of themselves to maintain their more gracious and feminine looks, but that has nothing to do with being “submissive”.

3. Only awkward nerdy guys date Asian girls

This is another one groundless assumption needing a retraction. Allegedly only shy and awkward guys that for some reasons don’t know how to approach to a “real” woman, prefer dating Asian girls. Well, the stereotypes can’s exist without a basis, sometimes there is some little part of the truth. However, most of those men are cool, confident and never had problems with talking to women. These guys may have a wide range of interests or maybe even more sporty than an average man!

4. Only white men date Asian women

Such an absurd stereotype due to some socioeconomic factors maybe could exist 50 years ago, but today the image of an interracial couple looks differently. There are a lot of Asian girls that date Afro-American, Latino or Middle Eastern guys. So this is one more time when such common beliefs do not accurately reflect the reality.

5. Asian women need only money and green card

It would be a mistake to claim that among Asian women there are not those who only seek for money and visa. However materialistic girls can be found everywhere no matter which race or nationality they belong to. The thing is that people find each other through the thousands of kilometers and fall in love. When the feelings are sincere, all the rest – distance, cultural differences, visas, – takes a second place. Besides that, lots of Western men are ready to move in Asia to their Asian wives. So is it still all about a green card?
We encourage everyone to stay positive and open-minded at Asian dating. Keep your mind free of stereotypes and you will find love much sooner!